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Why Gili Trawangan for the PADI IDC Indonesia with Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod

The PADI IDC Gili Islands in Gili Trawangan is now seen as one of the best locations to take your professional training offering the very best of experience within the recreational diving industry. Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod conducts the PADI Instructor Development Course every month which takes place at the only PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) on the Islands and therefore offers world class training facilities.

When deciding where to take professional scuba diving courses it is important to consider a number of additional factors other than just the quality of diving within the area. Of course the quality of diving is important as this is the fundamental reason we choose to continue training and pursue careers within the industry, however professional Divemasters need to consider what exactly they are looking for. For example a Divemaster taking their training in world class diving destinations such as the Galapagos, the Maldives or Komodo National Park may gain a lot of firsthand experience by continuously diving some of the world most challenging conditions, but those wishing to gain experience of training and dive education are limited to only a small numbers of diving students passing through these areas as they are generally reserved for experienced divers.
These areas tend to only receive a fraction of the total number of education programs offered by areas such as the Gili Islands which are home to the largest certifying dive centers in Indonesia. For professional Divemasters looking to take the next step, the PADI IDC in Gili Trawangan offers the best possible all round package. As the largest islands within the Gili’s, Trawangan has some very busy Dive Shops with courses starting every day and is therefore a great place to become a scuba diving instructor. Team teaching after the IDC is a great way to gain exposure to courses and entry level dive experiences and should be included in all quality IDC training packages. The PADI IDC with Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod takes place in the first ever PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center to be established in the Lombok and Gili Islands region.
Another huge consideration when choosing where to take professional instructor training is the standard of the training facilities. The Gili Islands offers far superior training facilities than seen in some of these particular world famous diving destination. The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) with Holly Macleod benefits from the world class training facilities expected from the only PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) on the Island of Gili Trawangan. The dive center consists of two training pools, classroom facilities, beachside location and private instructor training boat. The Gili Islands has multiple purpose built Open Water training sites which are situated only minutes away by a personal Instructor training boat that leaves from the beach directly outside the dive center. This is a massive advantage eliminating the time taken travelling to the jetty, loading the boat and travelling to dive sites as seen with some of these more remote dive sites. Having purpose built training sites are vital to training and far more beneficial than improvising with what you have available and using dive sites that “will do” rather than having been carefully selected.
Another important factor when choosing a place to take professional Instructor training is the quality of training provided as well as the reputation and experience of the Course Director. The PADI IDC Indonesia is fully conducted by Holly Macleod who has received multiple awards for the program she has designed, the sheer number of instructor certifications she has issued and her overall commitment to the diving industry. Holly’s pure experience built over the last 13 years working within the diving industry puts her in the position to advise future instructors about potential diving related jobs and about specific diving destinations.
The major factor in choosing where to take your PADI Instructor Development Course is the consistency of the program. The PADI IDC Indonesia is always conducted by Holly, always takes place in the same PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center offering world class training facilities and is always delivered to the highest possible standards in a fun and easy to understand format. Holly believes that the perfect training schedule has been developed in the Gili Islands, therefore there is no need to travel to alternative locations with inferior logistical benefits
The benefits of taking the PADI Instructor Development Course in the Gili Islands with Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod far out way the benefits of choosing a more remote destinations and these benefits can be seen within the PADI IDC Indonesia Reviews on TripAdvisor. To find out all of the latest updates, news and latest information about the program or to see candidate progress check out the PADI IDC Gili Islands Facebook Page or contact Holly Macleod Directly


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

PADI IDC Awards + Prices + Schedule 2016 | Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod | Gili Islands, Indonesia

Many new and exciting things have happened in 2016 on the PADI IDC Program with Multi Award Winning Platinum Course Director Holly Macleod. The program has now become one of the most popular choices for dive professionals to further their careers and expand their diving education and in fact has been awarded accordingly and recognized by PADI; the worlds most favored scuba diving certification agency.
Having already received the “Commitment to Instructor Development” Award for the program, Holly was awarded the “Elite-300 Instructor” award highlighting her pure dedication and commitment to providing nearly 500 PADI Instructor level certifications in 2015 alone. Also came the PADI “Platinum Course Director” status award sighting pure experience within the field of professional PADI Instructor level training.

2016 has brought many changes to the teaching schedule. Previously the program was scheduled around a 10 day program with 4 days of pre-IDC preparation, now the actual Instructor Development Course (IDC) has changed to an 11 day schedule and the pre-IDC preparation is run over 5 days. By adding an additional day to both segments of the program logistics have been made far easier allowing for more maneuverability within the daily schedule and more time for personal development. It also allows candidates to participate in a range of new additional workshops designed and delivered by Holly Macleod to enhance the training experience and expose candidates to more real life dive industry situations. The daily schedule has continuously been monitored and slowly been altered over the past couple of years to develop a truly productive timetable allowing candidates to get the best possible education and make the most of their training experience.
The price of the program still remains highly competitive and based upon previous candidate feedback the course is now priced in US dollars. With the new improved schedule, priced at $1200, candidates will receive the best possible educational training experiences at a highly competitive price allowing them to enhance their future prospects within the diving industry and expand their diving knowledge whilst also having a lot of fun.
For professional divers looking to enhance their scuba diving careers within the industry and join a network of highly professional scuba diving instructors whilst gaining a second to none educational experience there are 10 opportunities to join this fun and challenging program in the Gili Islands, Indonesia.


The latest news on the program can be found by checking out the Gili Islands PADI IDC Facebook Fan Page highlighting news, events, milestones and the progress of past and present candidates including photos of ongoing programs taking place. Candidates from 2015 can be seen in action by checking out the YouTube channel on PADI IDC Indonesia TV. For further information about recent achievements simply check out the recent PADI IDC Indonesia News.

Or simply contact Platinum PADI Course Director Holly directly on


Monday, 1 February 2016

Latest News PADI IDC Indonesia with Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod


 Everybody knows the PADI IDC Indonesia program with Platinum PADI Course Director is the best instructor training possible, but let’s look at some of the latest news.

During 2015 we saw over 100 PADI professionals choosing to take the PADI IDC in the Gili Islands and go on to develop their own rewarding and successful career within the Industry.

Other news is that the new 2016 schedule is now available and includes 1 extra day for the Pre-IDC preparation course. So now the course is still run on an 11 day schedule, but includes 5 days of preparation before the course starts. Check out the 2016 schedule and reserve your place.

During the program candidates will learn about the PADI education system and how to deliver it effectively to their own future students. All Instructor level training is fully conducted by Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod whose philosophy is to provide an extremely high level of professional dive training in a fun and easy to understand way. All courses take place at Trawangan Dive, the only PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) in Gili Trawangan and the first CDC Center to be established in the Gili Islands.
 If you are thinking of joining the 2016 PADI IDC Gili Islands program all of the available dates can now be published for next year. To find out more about this exclusive training opportunity check out the PADI IDC Indonesia News Update on Facebook or contact our PlatinumPADI Course Director on